Block Party Amusements

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On Our Menu

Specialty Drinks

Mocha - Caramel - Snickers - Dark Covered Chocolate Cherry - Almond Joy - Milky Your Way - White Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate Cake - Coconut Banana Cream Pie - Reese's Cup 

Toffee Coffee Crunch - German Chocolate Cake - Payday - Cinnamon Vanilla Nut - Snickerdoodle

Hot Drinks: SM- $3.25 M- 3.50 L- $4.25

Iced: $3.50

Frappe: $3.99

Almond Dark Chocolate
Banana Hazelnut
Blackberry Irish Cream
Blueberry Peanut Butter
Brown Sugar Peppermint
Butterscotch Salted Caramel
Caramel Strawberry
Cherry Toasted Marshmallow
Chocolate Chip Cookie Toffee Nut
Chocolate Mint Vanilla
Cinnamon White Chocolate

Sugar Free!  Caramel - Hazelnut - Vanilla

                                       Small      Medium       Large
House Brew                  $1.50       $2.00          $2.50
Decaf                              $1.50       $2.00          $2.50
Americano                     $2.25       $2.50          $3.50
Espresso                       $2.25       $2.50          $3.50

Hot Tea                        $2.25         $2.50          $3.50
Iced Tea                                          $1.79

Soda / Water                                  $1.59          $1.79
Orange Juice                                 $1.59
Apple Juice                                    $1.59

Non-Coffee Beverages 
                                         Small       Medium       Large
Vanilla Chai                    $3.25        $3.50          $4.25
Spiced Chai                   $3.25        $3.50          $4.25
Caramel Apple Cider   $2.25        $2.50          $4.25
Frozen Butterscotch                       $3.99
Frozen Dreamsicle                        $3.99
Hot Chocolate              $2.25        $2.50          $4.25
Mint Hot Chocolate      $2.25        $2.50          $4.25
Milk / Chocolate Milk                      $1.50

Strawberry - Peaches & Cream - Banana 
Crazy Berry - Wild Thing

Far From Ordinary

Coffee Shop

  • Full Size Barista Stand serving the finest local julian beans in all drinks.
  • 2 Cozy sitting areas complete with board games, satallite television, and free wifi connection.
  • Baked Goods like hummingbird cake and fresh blueberry muffins to start the day right.
  • Biscuits & gravy and omlets made fresh to order every Saturday morning.

Old-School Arcade
  • Full-sized arcade loft complete with favorite classics like Pac-man and Galaga.
  • Over 10 vintage, collectible pinball machines for your enjoyment.
  • Pool table and ping-pong table to pass the time while you wait for your favorite game.

Banquet Hall
  • Newly remodeled versitile hall capable of hosting a variety of events and activities.
  • State-of-the-art installed sound system and stage lights to set the mood.
  • Customizable for convenience no matter what the occasion.

Party Rooms
  • Three unique rooms crafted to enhance your next party, no matter the age.
  • 1) Craft room: Perfect for serving food, cutting cake, or doing crafts with the children.
  • 2) Wii room: Surround sound room complete with a Wii gaming system and over 300 games to choose from.
  • 3) Customizable room:  Complete with collapsing poer tables for more mature audiences (No gambling allowed)

  • Full-sized, rubber matted high school regulation court with two goals
  • Often times, inflatables and moonwalks set up to entertain kids on a less than perfect days outside.
  • Lazer Tag ready:  Team play complete with fog machine and lazer show to enhance the experience.